Rehabilitation Updates

The latest information on some of our horses undergoing rehabilitation.

PHHWV Samurai

Andrew and Hong tell the story of “Samurai” .......

"The day ‘Ribs’ (Samurai) arrived changed our lives.

He looked much worse than what we imagined. He looked like a horse skeleton covered with a piece of horse skin. His eyes were half way shut, dull, sad. His back bone as a bended broken sword and his ribs were poking out. It took him so much effort to walk.... in such a state through no fault of his own, just a victim of circumstance.

We gave him a new name: Samurai---Japanese means “Warrior”.. a fighter, a hero.Samurai received medical treatment from Project Hope immediately. Also Andrew goes to feed Samurai in the early morning at 5:30, then later afternoon around 5 pm.

The first day, it was so dark. Samurai just stood on the hill under the twinkling stars lonely. Samurai eats very slowly, it took him one and half hour to finish it....(later) Samurai is now very popular with every neighbour. Once Andrew was brushing Samurai, a lady asked ‘Excuse me’ she said: ‘are you the owner of this horse?’ ‘Yes,’ Andrew replied, ‘ We got this rescue horse from Project Hope last week.

His name is Samurai ’‘Oh thank god!’ she replied, ‘I drove past and I saw Samurai so weak and skinny. I was about to contact RSPCA to rescue him from you.’ She took carrots from her car and gave them to Samurai. ‘Thanks Project Hope for saving him’ she said then left. To go to the paddock and see Samurai getting better and better is the most enjoyable thing in our life now.

Samurai neighs, then he starts running toward us, the other two horses running too. What a magnificent moment! ‘Samurai is running now!’

This was the first time we saw him running like a real warrior. His head was up high, his golden mane floating in the wind. He is running as if he has been freed from the claws of death. He has escaped with his life.