Checking Out Concerns

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria (PHHWV) invite Victorian's to contact us with concerns about the well-being of horses and ponies. Our trained members follow up on the reports, visiting the property to talk to the owners and to look at the horses and check their surrounds. 

The PHHWV representatives look for signs of a horse not thriving including:

  • Inspecting the paddock to make sure it's safe
  • Checking if a horse is underweight e.g. with ribs showing
  • Identifying if a horse is overweight. Ponies are susceptible to life-threatening founder from too much rich grass.
  • Assessing the condition of the horse's hooves -  overgrown, cracked or sore.
  • Checking teeth.

PHHWV has no power to help unless owners are receptive.  Some horse owners lack the knowledge required to have a horse. When we look at the horse with them, we share our knowledge and experience to improve a horse's health.

When a horse is at serious risk we will ask for permission to rescue the horse on the spot. If surrender is refused, we contact RSPCA Victoria as it has the authority to remove a horse.

PHHWV rescue horses undergo our rehabilitation program to be rehomed to a caring forever home. Our unique leasing program means we can track the life of all the horses we rehome.  Join us to save horses from neglect and abuse, there are many ways you can make a difference.