Checking Out Concerns

Victorian's ring Project Hope with concerns about the well-being of horses. Trained members of Project Hope are available go out to check reports of neglect and to talk to owners about the horses.

Representatives visit paddocks that may be unsafe for animals, or where horses are underweight with ribs showing, or may be badly overweight. Sometimes a horse or pony's hooves are overgrown or cracked and sore. Ponies may risk life-threatening founder from too rich grass. Teeth may need attention. We look for reasons where a horse seems too thin, or too overweight or not thriving.

Sometimes horses have been left unhandled and are difficult to catch, not trusting humans. Occasionally they are just abandoned.

Project Hope has no power to help unless owners are receptive, but we can look at the horse with them and share our knowledge and experience. We will seek to talk with those responsible for the horse. Where warranted we may take on care of a horse, rehabiliate it and find a long term home.