A horse or pony is advertised for lease once he or she is well on the way to good health and handling and/or training has taken place.

A horse's preparation can take some time. PHHWV horses remain the property of the organisation and are leased rather than sold. PHHWV enjoys hearing of the horse’s activities once leased.

We will talk to you about whether a particular horse or pony is suitable for you.

Members who give short term care have first option should they wish to keep the horse long term.

What is expected from members who give a home to a PHHWV horse?

  • You must be a current financial member as long as the horse is in your care.
  • You are responsible for all costs involved in caring for horse/pony.
  • Proper care must be provided for the horse i.e. regular worming, vaccinations, feet and teeth care, a safe environment, and veterinary care when needed.
  • You email regular and at least annual pictures and stories of about the life of the horse or pony. These may be used (with privacy protected) on facebook or other media.
  • Project Hope must always be kept informed of the address where the horse or pony is kept.
  • Mares may not be bred with.

The above criteria must be strictly adhered to. If you wish to ask about any of the horses or ponies please  contact us.