Every horse and pony Project Hope rescues receives the best care and training to allow them to lead the full and happy life they deserve. It takes time, patience and extensive training for this transition to take place. We use natural horsemanship to build their trust and confidence as well as to establish if they will make a great riding horse, companion horse, therapy pony and more.

When a Project Hope horse is well and on the way to good health and handling and/or training, they are ready to be rehomed.

We do not sell horses or adopt them out, they remain a Project Hope horse. This is of great benefit to the new owner and the welfare of the horse. For example, should an owner’s circumstances change, and they can no longer care for their Project Hope horse, they can contact us and we will rehome the horse.

We take the utmost care to perfectly match our horses and ponies with their new owner to ensure all are set for a happy, long and bright future together.

To lease a horse the following is required:

  • You become a member for as long as the horse is in your care
  • You are able to cover all costs involved in caring for a horse
  • Proper care is provided: regular worming, vaccinations, feet and teeth care, a safe environment and, veterinary care when needed
  • Regular updates and pictures (no less than annually) about the life of your horse or pony. These stories may be featured on Facebook, online or other media (with privacy protected)
  • Keep Project Hope informed of the horse or ponies address
  • Mares cannot be bred with.

Meeting these requirements protects the welfare of the horse and provides support to the owner. 

Please see below, where you'll meet the beautiful Project Hope horses and ponies ready for their forever home. We provide a thorough health and personality profile for you and can arrange for you to meet our equine friends.

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