Become a Member

Project Hope Horse Welfare is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by volunteers and is made up of members. You can join Project Hope by becoming a member. Our members, located throughout Victoria and some States, contribute to the organisation whenever and however they can. This can be hugely different year to year.......

"Without our members Project Hope would be unable to help even one horse” Sue Kirkegard (Past President PHHWV).

Membership is $45 pa. Many give primarily financially and by promoting horse welfare to their friends. Other ways to give 'hands on' help vary - floating horses, giving a long-term home for a horse, or doing short-term rehabilitation (on your own property). Others train and go out to follow-up reports of horses in need. Some use their specialised skills, horse related or in other ways. Many do publicity and fundraising manning stalls at public events, or help prepare publicity, or help with admin – updating databases or websites, organising the raffle. The committee of 6-9 members organises and supports members in this work. A value of approximately $400,000 was attributed to this volunteering in the 2013 Annual Report.

It does not matter where you live if you wish to become a member. You can help to tell others of the work that is being done and what support horses in need do require. When you become a member, you are part of an organisation that provides hope and new futures for many horses and support to owners that need it.

All applications for memberships are welcome. Offers to help with the work are hugely appreciated as "many hands make light work" :)

Download and Complete the pdfMembership Form1.71 MB , then send it back to us, or complete our new online membership application.