The Project Hope Story

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria began in 1973 when Val Collingwood of Wallan, Victoria, wrote into RIDER magazine regarding the number of neglected horses in Australia.

She outlined how someone could co-ordinate the rescue and rehabilitation of these unfortunate animals, suggesting the name “Project Hope” in memory of a neglected, supposedly aged, buck-jumper from Queensland. She had taken him home to try to save his life, giving him the name “Hope”, although he had little. He died three weeks later from massive worm infestation at the tender age of three.

People responded to Val's letter, assuming she would coordinate it. The scheme became loosely organised by districts.

The organisation grew. Newsletters were needed to communicate, member fees introduced to cover costs, and a constitution written. Its logo became more familiar in Victorian equine circles. In 1993 it was incorporated and became a registered charity.

The need for our existence is still as strong over 40 years on.

Present Day

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria (PHHWV; Project Hope) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to help neglected or abused horses, through rehabilitation, education, and advocacy.

Project Hope is managed by a committee elected annually by the membership at a general meeting. As a registered charity, it is Income Tax Exempt and donations over $2 are tax deductible.
PHHWV is run by volunteers. It is funded though memberships, donations and fundraising.

An excellent Weekly Times article "Project Hope leads the way for animals in need" was published on 8 November 2016. An accurate and engaging representation of our work both past and present through the eyes of Katie Wettstein, the past president.