Advise & Support Owners

Some calls for help are directly from owners of horses. They may need help which they have been unable to locate, or feel that they need to give up their horse when in difficult person circumstances. We can use our experience of working with neglected horses, and finding options to help with suggestions or contacts.

Other times owners realise they need to learn more about horse care so Project Hope will assist to put them in touch with information and local helpful contacts.

Can Project Hope help owners if the horse is not neglected?

Project Hope is sometimes contacted by owners who don’t know what to do with their horse due to extremely difficult situations. We do not normally take horses that are not neglected. Our network cannot meet this demand. However, often we can help in working out where and how another solution or another home may be found. 

We also help with support and information where owners may have to consider euthanasia of their horse. See also Farewelling Your Horse.